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Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

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  • Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

    Good morning everybody,

    I was wondering if one of you guys, one day, moved a Hyper-V cluster to a new domain ?
    I have en idea on the step by step process to follow, I've checked on the internet and found this

    Of course the moving means same hardware: SAN and Servers. No new devices installation.

    Evict the cluster node 1 and be sure none of the VM will try tregister on this node.

    Remove the cluster role before joining the new domain.

    First question: did you think I need to remove the Hyper-V role before joining the domain ?

    Join the server to the new domain.

    Install cluster role.

    Now the new node is ready to receve the CSV volume. If I read the link above, after shutting down all VM I had to detach the CSV volume from the node on the former domain and connect the LUN to the new node on the new domain

    Second question: while attaching the CSVvolume to the new node, isn't there a risk that the node initialize the volume ? Isn't there any ACL that could remains and disturb the mounting ?

    Where I am in trouble is how will the Hyper-V manager ahndle the VM on the new node ? The normal process to add a VM to a VMManager is to export and import.

    Though one: if I do not need to remove the Hyper-V role before joining the new domain, the server will normally handle the VMs as he was managing them before the move. Am I right ?

    Though two: if I remove the Hyper-V role before joining the new domain then install the Hyper-V role, no information about previous VMs will remain. In this case I won't be able to manage my VM as I didn't follow the export / import process. Is it right ?

    After those steps, adding a new node to the newly created cluster is easy (hope so).

    Did one of you encountered a such situation ? Did you have any advices except pray and finger-cross . I forget to add: Windows 2008 r2.

    Thank you for any comments you will made.

    Have a nice day everybody.

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    Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

    Hyper-V role has nothing to do with domain membership. You could just as easily have a Hyper-V host as a stand-alone machine in a workgroup with VMs defined, and the VMs could all be domain members. (I have just such an environment running as we speak). Your cluster, however, is domain-critical.

    My experience with domains and clusters is this: if you're going to tear down a Failover Cluster to replace or rebuild a domain, and you don't want to lose a collection of VMs, then the biggest issue is the VM definitions and VHD files.

    You should make absolutely certain that your VMs and their VHDs are NOT on the CSV, before destroying the domain & cluster. Let's assume you've got 2 cluster members, and 10 VMs in Failover roles in the cluster. In this example, chances are you'll have 5 VMs hosted on each of the Hypervisors. Migrate the storage of each VM to that host's hard drive, first (right-click each VM role, select 'move storage', and pick a lcoation on the host's HDD.) Once your VMs are protected, tear down the cluster by removing each VM from the Failover role list. The VMs will still be owned by the host it's running on, but now the host doesn't talk to the CSV. Then, evict both hosts and destroy the cluster.

    Do what you've got to do with the domain part of the deal. Re-join the hosts to the new domain, stand up the cluster (verifying CSV access again, etc), then re-add the VMs to the Failover role once more. Finally, move the VM storage back to the CSV, one at a time. Assuming your VMs are part of the original domain, you'll have to divorce/re-join as you would any other server or PC, but that's normal.

    There may be faster ways and/or scripts to do some of this, but I began to build a new production system and had to make some domain changes, and DIDN'T make sure of the VM storage first. So I lost a few days in rebuilding all the VMs from scratch because of it. Never again.
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      Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

      Thank you so much for the answer. I will check if there is any space locally on each host servers. In case a firewire or a USB 3 drive could do the job temporarily.
      This will shorten the time to switch from one domain to the other domain.

      have a nice day


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        Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

        If you're going to use a USB-attached storage as temp space for the move, then be sure and shut all the VMs down BEFORE you move them, 'cause the USB device won't run fast enough to allow the VMs to run from there.
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          Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

          Finally it is done without any issue.

          I follow and because each VM was on its own LUN without a drive letter (using GUID) and not on a CSV volume.

          So the process was:
          * move all VM on one node + quorum
          * remove cluster features on the free node
          * change domain
          * add cluster features + configure new one node cluster

          Now the moving of the VM:
          * shutdown VM
          * run the export.vbs
          * put LUN offline on old cluster
          * add LUN to new cluster
          * remove virtual machine configuration and copy instead the information from the previous export
          * run import.vbs
          * in cluster manager, add VM
          * start VM

          Once all VM migrated, destroy old cluster, remove cluster features, join to the new domain, add cluster features and join new cluster.

          The only thing to care about is the drive GUID. If is doesn't match between the old cluster and new cluster, need to edit the exported file and only change the <old guid> by the <new guid>.

          Pretty scary at first moving (removing, putting offline, deleting ... is not the kinfd of thing I really trust) but somehow easy and "safe".

          Hope this will be useful for someone.


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            Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

            Glad to see it all worked, however you got it done. And thanks for posting your steps for others to use if needed.
            MSCA (2003/XP), Security+, CCNA

            ** Remember: credit where credit is due, and reputation points as appropriate **


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              Re: Move hyper-V cluster to new domain

              Thanks for posting back with the outcome and will certainly help others. It's always good to get a post back that brings the thread to a gentle close as oppose to questions un-answered.