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  • Hyper V disk config

    Hi all

    We have a customer that we are building a server for. Its going to be Hyper V host with two guests. Due to the costs we hvae 4 600GB SAS disks.

    Initially I was looking at a RAID1 for each guest, however long term it doesnt really lend itself if we want to add a 3 guest. However as one of the guests will manage Exchange I am looking for the best performance.

    Plus I realise that Hyper V doesnt leave a huge footprint, is it wise to have this installed on the same set of disks as a guest ?

    Any advice would be great or links.


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    Re: Hyper V disk config

    4 drives doesnt really lend itself to an optimal configuration...

    i think the first thing you need to do is a load test to determine what kinda performance you will require.

    this also means that if your going to use the 4 drives, you have no hot spare for either group... because i would definitely be using to groups for the servers in question. the exchange box is going to need to have decent I/O rates depending on your user base....

    its hard to suggest how to set this up with only 4 physical drives...
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      Re: Hyper V disk config

      1. The guests don't (or shouldn't) access the physical disks directly. You'll install Hyper-V on the RAID array(s), then you'll create virtual hard drives for the guests.

      2. Personally I would configure two RAID 1 sets or one RAID 10 set.


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        Re: Hyper V disk config

        If you will only be using DAS, you only have the option to create VHDs.

        For Exchange environments, I tend to use a VHD for the boot/system partition and then a SAN to provide the LUNs for the Exchange database/log files. This is configured as a pass through disk on the Hyper-V Guest VM.

        What Exchange version are you using as I/O requirements are very different. Also, there are tools that allow you to assess the I/O be applying the relevant load prior to migrating production Mailboxes to Exchange, such as the JetStress tool.

        Also, ensure that the VHD is a fixed disk.
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          Re: Hyper V disk config

          Just wanted to say thanks for all your replies much appreciated


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            Re: Hyper V disk config

            Glad to help and thanks for posting back.