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Need to convert guest OS to GPT

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  • Need to convert guest OS to GPT

    Good lord, why am I having such a hard time with this?

    I have a 3TB drive that I want to use as a single partition in a 2008 R2 VM. So, I attached the disk to Disk Management in the 2012 host OS and converted to GPT. Perfect, except that when I install the OS, it converts it back to MBR, and back to 2TB max. BTW, in the 2012 host, the volume shows as GPT. It's just the stupid guest that I can't figure out. Lots of google hits, but they all say the same thing: delete all partitions, right-click, and convert. Yeah, I get it. I just can't make it stay that way through the install. Am I missing something really obvious and stupid? Probably.

    I have no problem blowing the machine away and starting over.

    Any help gets my eternal gratitude!


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    Re: Need to convert guest OS to GPT

    Okay, I'm all good. Just thinking abou it wrong. Didn't need GPT after all, just a new vhdx volume.


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      Re: Need to convert guest OS to GPT

      Glad you got it resolved and thanks for posting back with the resolution.