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unable to add Ethernet Port in Hyper-V

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  • unable to add Ethernet Port in Hyper-V

    im not htre most advanced person with Hyper-V and and created a new VM on one of our hyper-v hosts and having problems getting it on the network correctly.

    there are 4 other VM's on this host (all 2008 R2 servers). In the virtual networks manager we only 1 defined virtual network, that all these machines use and have double checked that i have assigned the virtual adapter to the Virtual network (just like the other vms).

    From the vm, i cant ping the default gateway for the vlan or any other address, hwoever i was able to join in the domain. from another vm and or server on the network im able to ping the hostname (which resolves the IP) but pings times out.

    i haev turned off the windows firewall for all profiles too. iv have 3 sets of eyes klook over these very basic settings and cant see the problem.

    only thing out of the ordinary that i can is that for the problem VM in the settings it has a "Network Adapter", where as the other 4 Vm's in the hyper-v host have "Ethernet Ports"

    however i dont haev the option to add an "ethernet port" only haev the 2 options:

    - Network Adapter
    - Legacy Network Adapter

    driving me up the wall and dont know where im goin wrong...

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    Re: unable to add Ethernet Port in Hyper-V

    So are the Hyper-V Hosts Windows 2008 R2 as well?

    A Network Adapter allows you to take advantage of Hyper-V network features. To test. remove the Network Adapter assigned to the problem VM and add the Legacy Network adapter and take it from there. Not sure about the 'ethernet port' option. Can you send a screenshot?