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Access VM console when DC is off

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  • Access VM console when DC is off

    Hi all

    I have an operational issue I need to resolve.

    When Hypervisors are members of the domain, they rely on the DC to accept logons from the remote management tools. So, if the DC is virtualised and down, or off, I can't use the management tools.

    I am happy to use powershell commands to fire up the DC, but if there is a problem with my DC, I am snookered, because vmconnect will not work remotely if the DC is down. Catch 22.

    I want to deploy HyperV into customer sites in place of VMWare, but I need a way around this issue before I am willing to make this our standard deployment scenario.

    I want to use HyperV core for performance and security reasons, so vmconnect is not on the hypervisors.

    Has anyone else conquered this? There must be a way to get access to a Hypervisor with local authentication for situations like this. It seems an oversight by Microsoft to have not made this easy. With VMWare, local auth to a host is trivial.


    Mark Dutton

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    Re: Access VM console when DC is off

    This is the reason you should either have one physical DC (to start first) or you can leave the HyperV host as a stand alone (non-domain) server

    Unfortunately in the second scenario, you lose all the benefits of domain membership.
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      Re: Access VM console when DC is off

      Yes they have to be domain members to be able to participate in a cluster.

      However, requiring an external DC is a stupid design construct. The purpose of VM apart from economy of scale is to have all important machines inside a redundant cluster with high speed, high quality storage, etc.

      I can't believe Microsoft would not have considered this. Every other commercial virtualisation platform (IE, VMWare, Citrix) have local auth from a client.

      The only feature I need is a local console. I am quite happy to use Powershell for other features.


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        Re: Access VM console when DC is off

        I believe you should be able to create a local account on one of your hosts and get remote access to the console that way but the cluster won't gain quorum without AD... that is for 2008 R2 and back. Windows Server 2012 can now gain quorum without AD being online.
        Check out the section "AD-less Cluster Bootstrapping"

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