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USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

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  • USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

    Can you do USB 3.0 pass through on Microsoft Hyper-V and how would I connect it to a VM.

    Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

    Simple answer: No
    While Virtual PC on Windows 7 does USB pass through, HyperV does not

    For removable storage devices, you could share them on the host and (as long as the Hyper-V network is configured appropriately), the guest could access them.

    For non-storage, you could investigate various apps to share USB over a LAN (again networking needs to be configured)
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      Re: USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

      That makes sense.

      Thank you Ossian. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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        Re: USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

        Should you be using a VDI solution that sits on Hyper-V with the access software on the Client side, they'll tend to have USB pass through features. They tend to make use of the RDP client and bring the drives mapped locally on the Client to the VM. It can also so other USB devices. Quest vWorkspace is one of those VDI solutions.

        If you want to plug in a USB drive to physical Hyper-V Host, which you would tend to only do in a dev or test environment, you could configure it appropriately to add it as a pass through disk to a VM, which would dedicate it to the VM.

        Ossian gives you some other options as well.


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          Re: USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

          It's all good except for one thing in which USB passthrough could be very much needed. What about internal USB keys that provide for instance licenses to some propriatary software? Those will never work over the network for most of them have some sort of lock on them to keep them from functioning as USB drives. And correct me, but doesn't it have to be a drive in order to be seen over the network? People have been hounding Microsoft about this, yet they don't listen, and they're just going to screw themselves over if they don't start supporting these things natively. VMware supports it via ESXi, so what's Microsoft doing leaving it out? No offense to the best software maker in the world, but really, they need to smarten up and realize that they cannot foresee each user's needs. User after user has begged for USB passthrough on both client and server, giving numerous scenarios where it could and would be necessary, yet still we are left out.


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            Re: USB 3.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V

            Hopefully an up and coming feature. As it stands, you can use this method;


            Use the Microsoft RDP Client to bring USB drives through with the session.

            The other methods previously recommended in this thread.

            With regards to your question to do with 'USB keys that provide for instance licenses to some propriatary software', in my experience, I have found that they have been tied to specific hardware as well. I have used VDI with Hyper-V and ESXi and USB dongles for legacy applications have generally had to be left on the physical PC. There are of course exceptions depending on what the legacy application supports.