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VMSMP Warning

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  • VMSMP Warning

    I am getting these VMSMP Event warnings at random on my Hyper V server.

    When ever I receive these errors, my entire network gets flooded with Traffic and brings my network to a crawl. We lose connectivity to everything for approx. 2 seconds to 5 minutes.

    I am currently running 5 VM's on this one host.

    The following event warning is:

    Port "943008F1-E4EA-498A-891E-0BB80BDE935F" was prevented from using MAC address "00-C0-DD-11-68-51" because it is pinned to port "04769FD6-DA39-4467-910C-44C2F0DA1B12".

    I have tried almost everything to fix this problem, except blowing away the entire virtual network.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions before I do this? Thanks,

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    Re: VMSMP Warning

    Can you give some more information regarding your NIC and Virtual Network setup? Also, are you using static or dynamic MAC adresses?


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      Re: VMSMP Warning

      Sounds like a duplicated MAC address....?
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        Re: VMSMP Warning

        have you cloned a guest at any point.. ?

        I would also go through all your guests and make sure they have separate MACs.
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