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Hyper-V VPS Disk I/O bottleneck??

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  • Hyper-V VPS Disk I/O bottleneck??

    Hi All,

    I am facing a weird disk I/O issue on my Hyper-V node. I have 4 x 1TB disks in RAID-10. We have around 10 Virtual Machines running and still there is some issue with the disk I/O.

    When we perform a disk intensive activity on the node, then the Disk I/O can easily go upto 150Mbps. But when any disk intensive activity is performed on a VPS, the disk I/O cannot go over 10Mbps even when there isn't any load on the node.

    Would really appreciate a little help in this regard. Is there some setting which has to be changed so that VPS can overcome the disk I/O bottleneck of 10mbps?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Hyper-V VPS Disk I/O bottleneck??

    What type of VHDs are bring used for the VMs? Fixed, Differencing, Dynamically expanding etc? I take it that the storage is local or on a SAN?
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      Re: Hyper-V VPS Disk I/O bottleneck??

      In addition to Virtual's questions:
      Do you take snapshots on the VMs?
      Are you using the synthetic SCSI controller for your data on the VMs?

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