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hyper-V Failover lab

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  • hyper-V Failover lab

    Hi everyone, I want to setup a small lab to play with Failover Cluster , It will consist of 2 Hyper-V servers as host and a Synology storage for my iSCII , another 2008 r2 server to host VMM and PDM and a small server use as DC,

    I will like to have the management on a separate network, but it will need 5 nic on some server and a second nic on my Storage, so I want your idea on share it with the SAN network , or even reduce the nic at 3

    SO what do you think, keep in mind performance is not an issue here as it's a test lab

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    Re: hyper-V Failover lab

    If you have the spare NICs, you oculd do the following;

    1 NIC dedicated to Management

    1 NIC dedicated to VMs

    1 NIC for SCSI

    As you are testing the cluster, if you have spare NICs;

    1 NIC for Cluster heartbeat

    1 NIC for Live Migration

    Is your setup iSCSI 3 compliant?

    If you don't have spare NICs, just have the cluser heartbeat and Live Migration use the Management NIC.


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      Re: hyper-V Failover lab

      Originally posted by Virtual View Post
      If you don't have spare NICs, just have the cluser heartbeat and Live Migration use the Management NIC.
      at first I want to setup 5 nics as you suggest, but for save space on the motherboard, I tough to use the iSCII nics for management too. It's only a lab test, they will not have a high flow of data


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        Re: hyper-V Failover lab

        I would be tempted to share the management network with the VM network if anything and leave the iSCSI network dedicated. As you say, it is a test lab, so see what performance you get.

        Are you going to use CSV volumes?


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          Re: hyper-V Failover lab

          Honestly about the CSV , it's because I see a model some place. I'm totaly noob with this stuff , it's why I want to setup something to learn it. what you will sugest ?

          where what I have

          3 host with 2008r2 ( AMD 1090t with 16 gb ram ), I want to use one for my VMM and my DPM

          1 2008r2 server to act as DC

          1 Sinology NAS with 1 x 1gb nics to use as Iscii ( it work I try it )

          few 1 gb switchs

          many Intel nics , but I may have to purchase a double nic for one of the host as the slot are limited, those double nic are more expensive and I have already a lot of single one ....

          Sorry for my English, I'm French Canadian


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            Re: hyper-V Failover lab

            It all makes sense.

            So how many NICs per server? Are you wanting to test failover as well of VMs and Hyper-V R2 Hosts?

            As you have 3 servers, I'd be tempted to do the following;

            1 server is the DC and possibly install DPM on there as well. Not up to speed on DPM so worth researching.

            The other two will be a Hyper-V R2 failover cluster. You can then either install SCVMM on one of those hosts as is not in production (generally you should install Hyper-V r2 role only for Hyper-R R2 hosts) or within a VM after the cluster has been built.

            For Hyper-V R2 and certainly CSV, you'll ideally need the iSCSI to be iSCSI3 compliant, which is persistent connections. Just test it. Your iSCSI storage will be verified anyway during the Cluster configuration.

            Network wise, as already recommended. If only 2 NICs per server, 1 NIC dedicated to iSCSI and the other to everything else.

            You don't necessarily need to use CSV for Live Migration but worth you testing this from a learning point-of-view. It does tend to make Live Migration quicker as well.

            Also, you could use crossover cables for the hearbeat network NICs and Live Migration network NICs, if you do have nore than 2 NICs.