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    So I've been tasked with coming up with a game plan in the event of a hardware failure on our main virtual server. The config is basically Hyper-V running 3 VMs (Server 2008 ) on a local attached storage. The game plan is to roll out a SAN, stash the VMs on the SAN, and have a cold spare machine with Hyper-V also installed which will point towards the SAN.

    Are there any design considerations I need to take into account when bringing up the VMs onto the backup machine? They practically have the same specs, primary is an HP Proliant DL180 G5 and secondary a G6. Both have Intel based CPUs (primary is an E series and secondary is an X series), 16GB of RAM, dual NICs, 1 logical drive in a RAID 1 config.

    Haven't really done much config on the secondary machine since we haven't obtained the proper licensing yet so I'm still open to suggestions.
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    Re: Backup Hyper-V system

    if you're using the SAN, any reason you couldn't look at some sort of clustered or HA solution.. so if the primary goes down, you don't need to manually move them over etc ?
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      Re: Backup Hyper-V system

      We're currently running Essential Business Server 2008, which is a dead product that I'm looking to abandon sometime in the next year or so. The whole idea of having the SAN in place is to relocate the VHDs from the local attached storage and be able to have a secondary machine simply point at them in the event of a failure or maintenance.

      I have considered a HA solution by doing away with Hyper-V and going with vSphere 5. As of right now we don't have any HA or fault tolerance in place and management is asking for a solution. I proposed having Hyper-V on a second machine as a cold spare which will be brought up in the event of a failure on the primary.

      As for a clustered solution, I take it you're referring to having multiple DCs & Exchange servers up and running continuously? It seems a bit overkill at the moment but it may be something we'd consider in the future. I've been looking more on the hardware side of things since we don't have much to work with and I want to be able to scale out.


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        Re: Backup Hyper-V system

        There is now a cluster shared volume in hyper-v R2, which is a HA solution, so worth a review.

        I would recommend that you carry put a PoC for your idea. In practice, it sounds viable.

        Present another datastore to the production hyper-v server and then put a test VM on it. Fail it over to the other box.