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Network Configuration with VMs

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  • Network Configuration with VMs

    I am working through setting up virtual servers with Hyper-V. I have one host machine with Windows 2008 R2 and three virtual servers all running Windows 2008 R2. The physical machine has 5 NICs so I assigned a NIC to each virtual server. I can ping the loopback and the assigned IP on each server, however, I cannot get them to talk.
    Do I have to add the host machine to the network as well and assign it an IP? Right now I just have the virtual machines configured for the network...but not the host. Also, if I access the network configuration on a VM, I see the assigned network IP, subnet mask, default gateway, etc. If I access the adapters from the host machine, I do not see any assigned network configurations for the VMs. Is this normal...or have I configured something incorrectly?


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    Re: Network Configuration with VMs

    The IP info for the host has nothing to do with the VMs, unless you want them to talk to each other.

    If the 3 physical NICs of the host (as used) are all plugged into a switch with no ACLs to block traffic, and all the IP info puts all of the VMs in the same address range/subnet, then they should talk to each other.

    If each VM is on a different subnet from each other, then all that traffic will have to go through a router. Without that, it's not happenin'.

    However, if all 3 VMs are in the same address range/subnet, then why not use the Virtual Network option which is internal to the Hyper-V environment? Connect all 3 VMs to a new virtual switch, and connect that virtual switch to 1 of the physical NICs, then plug that NIC into a physical switch port for connectivity outside of the host.
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