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P2V and internet problem

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  • P2V and internet problem

    I have a development server win 2003 64 bit with sql 2000 and biztalk 2004 on it. I can not update it because I have to use biztalk 2004 and it doesnt support. So I think that I can install a windows 2008 64 bit with hyper V and carry the development image on it.
    I get the development servers' C drive's image with disk2v. on hyper V it seems running but I can not connect on it.
    Then I decided to install virtual win 2003 on hyper V but again I have encountered problems. This time I can not connect to internet from virtual win2003. I added a virtaul network from manager which will use physical ethernet adapter as external but still I can not connect to internet.
    So first of all I want to export my development machine to hyper V. Do you have an advice how?
    If this is impossible I want to redevelop my development platform on virtaul win2003 server but this time I can not connect to internet. What may be the problem? and using virtual may cause other problems or differances at the source which may be developed at future?