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where is Hyper V Data stored

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  • where is Hyper V Data stored

    Hi all,

    I wanted to know if there is any XML that stores the VM's information or Host information.

    Like Operating systemdetails, CPU, NIC , MAC addresses etc. I have tried using WMI (root\virtualization) but i am not able to get most of the details related to VM and HOST.

    I dont want to use any cmdlet related to VMM. Imagine there is only Hyper V not SCVMM. I need to collect the Host on this Hyper V and all the VM's under the host



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    Re: where is Hyper V Data stored

    checked the registry?

    why don't you want to use powershell commandlets ? seems it's what they are designed for..?
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      Re: where is Hyper V Data stored

      If you're using Hyper-V Manager, on the right ACTIONS column click on Hyper-V Settings. One of the fields on the window that will open is called Virtual Machines. This is the default location for all these files.
      If you're using SCVMM, go to Hosts tab, choose the host that interests you and on the right ACTIONS column click on on Properties (under Host). Go to Placement tab and you will find there the same path that was shown in the Hyper-V Manager.
      Note that this is the default location for the entire host, meaning all VMs you create on the same host will have their configuration files in the same place: [above found path]\[VM name]\Virtual Machines\[VM ID].XML. Unless you changed the default when you created the VM and you diverted the VM to somewhere else. In this case, the path to the XML file will be : [path of the VM]\[VM name]\Virtual Machines\[VM ID].XML .

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