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Installing BES on a VM

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  • Installing BES on a VM

    Basically i have a Server 2003 R2 Standard running TS and BES installed onto standard pc hardware (quad core, 4gb ram, blah blah blah).
    It has no resiliency so was wondering if imaging it and if possible converting and importing it into a new hyper-v instance was acheivable.

    I'm fairly new to virtualisation so please be kind if this really is a dumb question to the experts.


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    Re: Is this possible

    it's definitely possible to convert it onto a virtualised platform, however, I don't think this will meet your stated aims, with current infrastructure.

    virtualisation in and of itself, is not resiliant. You need to look into the HA parts of it - where you have two servers, so if one dies you can move the guests seamlessly and things like that.

    Based on what you've told us, I don't see a case for virtualisation for you at all at the moment.

    Now, if you told me you wanted to run multiple instances on that hardware (say, 2 guests) then yes, potentially there's a case for it. However, it stillwouldn't be any more resiliant or reliant than a single host..
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      Re: Is this possible

      Please can you try to give your threads more meaningful titles so that people know something about the question being asked
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        Re: Installing BES on a VM [Was: Is this possible]

        Thanks for the replies.....and the title change.
        I'll try and be a little more specific.

        I have 2 identical pc's that are running server 2003 R2 Std on a completely different network (different internet connection too) to our main one. They are not attached to a UPS and there is no raid (fault tolerance) on them.
        One runs TS and BES, the other is a DC and runs SOPHOS.
        The TS/BES server also has some software on it that is specific to our company and was installed and configured by the software manufacturers who are in France. They flew a fellow over to the UK to sort it all out.
        Needless to say if the pc/server went screwey we'd be in trouble.
        And after a recent power cut it threw a hissy fit and raised a few alarms bells as to how vulnerable it is.

        So, rather than being re-active i'd rather be a little more pro-active and look towards a backup plan.
        Simply taking an image would, i guess, be the first step, should the pc fall over.
        But my original question of virtualising this image (which i'm now providing more info for here ) would help because we have a solution that backups up server images and sends them offline, so we do have pretty reasonable protection on our main network.
        Virtualising the server in question onto our main network would help because it would then get backed up, it would no longer be relying on unprotected pc hardware and it would eliminate the need to rdp into a different network to access its shares.

        Hope that gives more of an idea of what and why i'd like to achieve.



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          Re: Installing BES on a VM [Was: Is this possible]

          I think a UPS is your first step.
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            Re: Installing BES on a VM [Was: Is this possible]

            Originally posted by tehcamel View Post
            I think a UPS is your first step.
            Well, that's why i want to virtualise it onto the network that is UPS protected.
            The pro's of this outweigh the pro's of spending 800 on tagging a UPS onto a standalone pair of pc's


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              Re: Installing BES on a VM [Was: Is this possible]


              re-visiting this, has anyone got anything else to add please?

              I'll be starting another Hyper-V based thread shortly and this may well be added to it as part of my propsed plans.


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                Re: Installing BES on a VM

                what it's important to thinlk about here, is the software licensing, especially regards to your operating system.
                If you have an OEM licence, you almost certainly won't be able to move it to a virtual machine.

                Apart from that, yes, it is possible to use a P2V process to clone this machine and run it as a VM. both TS and BES function fine as virtual guests

                I didn't realise you already had a virtual environment in place..
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                  Re: Installing BES on a VM

                  What exactly is it that you are trying to achieve??

                  Is it simply to P2V your current BES server and use the VM as your primary or is it to use a VM as a backup in the event that your current BES falls over???

                  Personally we have our BES running in a VMware environment and it runs exactly as expected. I have had no issues with the box being virtualised rather than physical.