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Hosted Hyper-V possible with one NIC?

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  • Hosted Hyper-V possible with one NIC?

    I have a dedicated server with running Windows Server 2008 Standard. I have added the Hyper-V role and have purchased a few additional IP Addresses.

    The problem here is that the server only has a single physical NIC (and adding a second is probably not possible).

    The server is configured with DHCP with my initial IP address (on "Local Area Connection"). I can change this to static (mimic the DHCP settings) and then successfully add the additional IP Addresses that I purchased.

    The problem rears it's head when I create a new Hyper-V External Network. This changes my network connection back to DHCP (now on "Local Area Connection 3") but does NOT allow me to add any additional IP addresses to the connection. I tried adding an additional IP to the connection via NETSH but that took me off DHCP and put set the new IP as my only IP.

    In a perfect world (albeit one with a single physical NIC) I would have one IP for the host OS, then multiple additional public IP Addresses, one for each individual host.

    I have been searching and looking around and just cannot find anything that helps... Is this configuration even possible or should I look for a new host with dual NICs? If so, any good (inexpensive) solutions?

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    Re: Hosted Hyper-V possible with one NIC?

    I have just created a Hyper-V host on windows 2008 R2 standard that should be similar to your situation with regards to the areas that you are installing. Hyper-V R2 does introduce additional features over-and-above Windows 2008.
    1. I configured a static mapping for IP addressing on the Host's NIC
    2. When installing the Hyper-V role, I created an external network and allowed the management operating system to share the network adapter
    3. Allocated static IPs to the guest hosts
    4. Optionally, I could have configured vLANs