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Virtualization strategy

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  • Virtualization strategy


    My experience with VM is only with some desktop systems for tests.

    Now I'm planning to put on VM my DC and Exchange servers. I also have file server but i think the vm host machine will handle with that role.

    Any known issue I should be aware of?

    Can the host machine can be only Windows 2008 r2 core version or it is better to be full version ?

    Also i think to join the virtual machine host to my existing 2003 DC, then install new 2008 DC on virtual machine and make it master. I also will have a physical pc to be a second DC.

    I will put VMs on 4x2TB RAID5 i that ok or must dedicate 1 disk to 1 VM ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Virtualization strategy

    Hi lg911,

    No known issues, it should be very seamless, providing your hardware is the correct specification.

    The fact that you are putting it on a 4x2TB RAID5 suggests you are using SATA disks, which may be your only bottleneck. I would always recommend reasonably quick storage for virtualisation. Is a SAN out of your budget?

    Core (or even the FREE Hyper V server) would work for your requirements: - definitely consider this, it is very good.

    You can manage this from another server with RSAT installed. You can then use your physical server for backups perhaps (if you are using tapes it's much easier to configure on a physical).

    Hope all goes well


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      Re: Virtualization strategy

      because you're taliking about virtualisation, in my opinion it's better to run Server Core, rather than full installation.
      I recommend this because it allows more resources to be provided to the actual virtualisation software, rather than just running the OS and pretty displays.

      I would also definitely go HyperV over Virtual Server, VMWare server, or anything else like that. You want a true hypervisor, not a plugin virtualisation tool..
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        Re: Virtualization strategy

        Yeah there is an overhead for running the full GUI, although quite small. I guess the attack surface would be much smaller too.

        I would use Hyper V server over core though if it's purely virtualisation you're looking for (but trial it for yourself). Microsoft have really improved it in the R2 version. And it is pretty much server core anyway, just already geared up with what you need for virtualisation (and it's free!)


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          Re: Virtualization strategy

          My configuration is:

          2x xeon 5620

          16 GB RAM will be 24

          2x 73GB SAS for OS

          4x 2TB SAS for storage.

          Unfortunately SAN is not an option.

          I will try with the core version first.