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Hyper V R2 Networking query...

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  • Hyper V R2 Networking query...

    Hi Guys,

    Any Hyper V R2 Networking guru's about?

    I've got a 2 node Hyper V R2 cluster. I've attached a few screenshots in the hopes it makes it a much clearer description.

    The internal LAN sibnet is
    I've created a 2nd network using a separate physical switch which is for cluster traffic.

    I've attached Network Connections.gif to show this a bit clearer.

    I created the cluster, called it 'HVC01', gave it an IP address of, but this resource is showing as offline - as shown in Failover Cluster.gif

    I'm guessing this is because if you look in Team1.gif it shows that I disabled cluster communication through that team which is mirrored on the other server.

    My questions are as follows:
    1) What EXACTLY are these dialogue boxes referring to when they mention cluster communication? Is it the live migration traffic? Or just heartbeat?
    2) Do we NEED the Cluster IP resource to be online (it seems to be working without.......although is seriously bugging me)
    3) Would allowing cluster network communication through the LAN subnet be the only way of bringing this resource online? What are the repercussions?
    4) Under 'Networks' in the cluster manager - do I need both the normal LAN network ( AND the cluster network ( in there?

    I thought I had everything covered, but obviously not and just a bit concerned! Thanks in advance guys and gals!
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