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Move VHD From One SAN to Another

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  • Move VHD From One SAN to Another


    I have a problem in that i need to move an existing machines VHD from one SAN to another.

    The way i was doing this previously was to create a new LUN on the new storage, then create a new VM that mimics the setup of the old one.

    Then i power down the original VM and copy the VHD from the old SAN to the new one.

    Then I power on the new VM and away it goes.

    My problem is that i have one server that when i do this does is not assgning the ip addresses to the new nics.

    I try and rename the connections but its says there is a connection with that name already present.

    My question really is how do i transfer both the vhd and the config to the new VM, or can i do an export and import.

    PS we are using SCVMM to manage the Hyper-V R2 cluster

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Move VHD From One SAN to Another

    Isn't it possible to use Quick Storage Migration?

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      Re: Move VHD From One SAN to Another

      You have SCVMM in reach, but you're using a manual process. Why is that?
      I would map the new storage to the same host and use the MigrateStorage to achieve what you need.

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