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configuring dns on dc on private network

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  • configuring dns on dc on private network

    I have few vm in private network in hyper v and 1 is DC.
    I try to join the domain (a clean windows server 2008 with fresh dcpromo install) and it fails..
    at first i thought i need to configure the dns on the vm that wants to join the domain.
    so i just configured the prefered dns same ip as the DC (which btw i can ping).
    that didn't help as well.. so i went to dns and checked it.. I saw couple of missing a records..

    now im stuck and have no idea what to do..
    is it because its private network?

    another question is why don't I have dg on any of the private network adapters.

    its for a project i must do and i have to finish it in the next days. (hyper v fo cluster with vms who have cluster , 1 dc and 2 sql also on fo)


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    Re: configuring dns on dc on private network


    Please give the ip configuration here about your dc and your server inside the hyper v so that we can help you better.


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      Re: configuring dns on dc on private network

      it was a WINS configuration needed to be done.
      i'll post detail so other people will be aware cause its very annoying and u have to know what your doing.