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2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

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  • 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

    Nearest I can tell, this has something to do with how HyperV's virtual network passing info to the OS, but here's my situation...

    I have several dozen 2003 HyperVs, spread out through three different networks; we'll call them networks 1, 2 and 3.
    Networks one and two have a /21 address space, while the third is a /22.

    No 2003 HyperV in any of the networks can ping the .255 address in network 1. The .255 addresses in the other networks respond just fine.

    I verified that routing was setup correctly, so there is nothing funky there.

    The kicker is, I installed wireshark on several of the 2003 HyperVs. When I ping a .255 address in network 1, the command prompt shows request timed out, but wireshark sees a reply!

    Again, this is happeneing across all 2003 HyperVs, no matter what network they are in, including network 1.


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    Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

    Have you installed the integration services. Do you use legacy network adapter? What do you mean with hyperVs, the host, or the guest.
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      Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

      Can you give some actual IPs so we understand fully
      Do you mean all the x.y.z.255's or just the broadcast address (the last address in each subnet)?
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        Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

        Hi Guys, Thanks for responding.

        @gerth: Integration Services is installed. The servers are R410s from dell, using Broadcom NICs (so a recent server model w/ supported hardware; Nothing Legacy). And it's the Guests that are having problems.

        Again, I'm guessing it's something to do with 2003, as pinging .255 from a 2008 or W7 box replies just fine.

        @Ossian: There's a vast number of public IPs that I'm talking about, so forgive me if I don't publish my ranges (security paranoia). Suffice to say that it's any .255 address in the .248 subnet (not just the broadcast).

        So if I have a network, I cannot ping,,, etc. In this example, the broadcast would be


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          Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255


          Ok, so I thought I had tested this, but clearly not...

          The issue is with ANY 2003 server, not just HyperVs; eliminating that issue points more to an issue within 2003.


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            Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

            Problem Solved!

            I should've realized this, and my lack of publishing my ip is why no one could help (but I do thank ya'll for your input).

            My ip address is actually a class C address, assigned from ARIN. ARIN actually gave us several Class Cs that we combined into a /21 network. Doing this actually turned us classless. The Windows XP and 2003 IP Stack don't handle this (0 Subnet Rule) and thus treated it as broadcast, instead of unicast.


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              Re: 2003 HyperVs cannot ping .255

              Thanks for posting back the solution.
              It will help someone else, sometime along the road

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