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  • Cores or Threads or Speed

    I'd appreciate some input on processors for Hyper-V. I'm building a system for testing network configurations. I am going to use Hyper-V to host a virtual network (with various servers and client operating systems) so I can test various tasks, configurations, and so on. (This is a casual project and I am trying to keep cost down so I am not looking to spend $1000+ on a high-end processor.)

    All other factors equal, which processor would offer the best performance for a Hyper-V test environment:
    - Intel i7-870 (4 cores/8 threads/2.93Ghz)
    - Phenom II X6 1090T (6 cores/6 threads/3.2Ghz)
    - Phenom II X4 970 (4 cores/4 threads/3.5GHz)

    I suppose the question is about which factor is more important: number of cores (Phenom with 6) or number of threads (i7 with ? And what about overall speed (would a Phenom with 4 cores/4 threads but faster clock speed outperform a slower i7 that has 4 cores and 8 threads)? Do the increased number of virtual CPUs (from more threads) improve performance, or does it all come down to overall processor power?


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    Re: Cores or Threads or Speed

    Since hyper-v can share cores, RAM is your main concern -- at least until SP1 comes out with Dynamic RAM Allocation.

    I use several HV hosts in a similar environment, so speak from experience
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