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Hyper-V Replication no longer working, can I get it back?

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  • Hyper-V Replication no longer working, can I get it back?

    Good morning,

    The other night, I performed a system reboot of all of our servers, virtual servers, and NAS devices that they reside on.

    When I came in the next morning, all of the replication from one of my host servers seems to have been completely removed.
    We have been successfully running this replication and performing these system reboots for the past few months.
    We have 4 host servers, lets call them HostA, HostB, HostC, HostD.
    The replication health is showing "Not Applicable" for all virtual servers on HostA.

    HostC is an offsite server, that acts as the extended replication for all.
    HostA Replicates to HostB Replicatates to HostC
    HostB > HostD > HostC
    HostD > HostA > HostC
    HostC > HostA > HostB
    On HostA, all servers are still there (including the server checkpoints from other hosts) but all the servers say "Not Applicable".
    All other hosts, seems to still have the replication enabled. I was expecting to see Resume Replcation or something along those lines.

    I am wondering if it is possible to resync these checkpoints up. From the HostA Server, my only option is to enable replication, as if it were never setup to begin with.

    Any and all advise is greatly appreciated,
    Thank you,