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RSAT Failover Cluster Manager Can't Connect

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  • RSAT Failover Cluster Manager Can't Connect

    Hi all,

    I run a virtual environment and historically have had to login to one of my host servers in order to run the failover cluster manager. I recently downloaded the RSAT Tools and am trying to get it to work from my PC so I can eliminate the need to RDP to a host. This is a Windows 7 Pro PC and my Hyper-V environment runs on Server 2012 hosts.

    So first of all, perhaps what I want to do is impossible. If so, please let me know. Perhaps I'd need Windows 8 or higher, which isn't happening...

    Anyway, when I open the FOCM on my PC and try to manage a cluster, I get this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	FOCM Unsupported.JPG
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    Clicking Help shows me this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	FOCM Version.JPG
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    I've no idea where to go from here. Help, please? Can I run the FOCM locally on my Windows 7 PC and manage the Server 2012-run cluster or not, and if so, how can I get this working? Thanks, gurus!


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    I've just been reading up on the RSAT tools (after our email conversation) and you're trying to manage an up-level Failover Cluster with a down-level version of Failover Cluster Manager, which isn't possible. The version of Failover Cluster Manager for managing a Windows Server 2012 failover cluster is version 6.2. You're going to need to use Windows 8/8.1 and the RSAT tools for Windows 8/8.1 in order to manage the cluster from your laptop.


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      Grrrrrrrrrrr... Thanks, Microsoft.

      Gracias, Amigo. You know what's weird, though? The Hyper-V Manager in the Windows 7 RSAT Tools works. Silly.


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        Yeah, some of the RSAT tools may work, others may not work, and some may work with limited functionality.