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Replica server moved off-site and stopped working

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  • Replica server moved off-site and stopped working

    Hello, Please help!
    I had two servers on site, both DCs.Have Replicated VMs betwen them.
    I moved server #2 offsite and now I want to replicate over WAN.
    I changed replica server from local address (dc2.domain,local) to internet address ( and I can not replicate with error "Could not replicate changes for virtual machine 'vm1' as the Replica server 'dc2.mydomain,com' on port '80' is not reachable. The connection with the server was terminated abnormally (0x00002EFE)".

    Changed back the replica server to dc2.domain.local and manually entered the IP addreess is the hosts file and it is working, so I guess it is not a firewall issue.

    This is a temorary fix, any ideas why it is not working with the new address?


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    If you have working connectivity with a HOSTS file entry, then your DNS is the likely issue. When you changed your replica server address, did you update your internal DNS to point to that new IP?

    Also, if your replica server is open to traffic on a public IP, what kind of protection are you using to safeguard it, esp. since it's a DC for your domain? Or is there a secure link between your 2 sites?
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