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VM Cannot Start, But I Need To View Drives

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  • VM Cannot Start, But I Need To View Drives

    Hi all,

    My backup server is paused and cannot start due to low disk space. Is is on a 2TB CSV that cannot be migrated elsewhere because there is not enough space anywhere else. IF I can get to what is the "D Drive" on that server, I can delete some things large enough to get it back up and running. But since I can't start it, I can't do this. Is there any other way to navigate the contents of this drive through the Hyper-V environment?

    If so, I know not how as I'm quite a novice at all this.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Deleting data in the guest OS isn't really going to help on it's own. You need to delete data in the guest OS, shrink the volume in the guest OS, and shrink the VHDX in the settings of the VM.

    You can mount the VHD on the Hyper-V host itself to delete data and shrink the volume. Then unmount the VHDX and shrink it and then start the VM.