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    Good evening. I wonder if anyone has gone through this case.
    I have a Hyper-V cluster with three nodes and all configured with NiCTeam 4 Interfaces (switch-independent and Hyper-V Port) called "NETWORK PUBLIC". After placing the server in production is taking place the following problem: One of the nodes stop responding on the network and consequently the virtual machines also stop. Hence I have to disable and then enable 4 interfaces. Has anyone ever experienced this?
    Note: Firewall disabled and the nodes are without antivirus.
    Since ja, grateful for the attention.

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    You say 'One of the nodes stop...'; do you mean any one of the 3 nodes in the cluster, or always the same node? Which Hyper-V version are you using, 2008Rx or 2012Rx? Teaming in 2012 can be done by the OS itself without having to rely on a vendor's management software, which even allows you to mix vendors in a single team. I support just such a config myself at a customer site. If you're using a vendor's software, is it the most current driver, etc., available?
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      In addition to Rickles, what exactly is your network setup?

      If you have 4 NIC on the server and they're all in one team then that is not best practices. Can you clarify exactly what you have configured on the hosts (Host LAN, live migration, cluster, SAN, VM, etc)

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