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Hyper-V change MAC address script

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  • Hyper-V change MAC address script

    Ok here is what the deal is. I have an ISP that gives me Public IP addresses to each device connected to the modem via a switch. So I have 5 computers plugged into this switch and all of them have public IP's. I have a batch file that releases the IP address, changes the MAC address via TMAC application and then renews the IP and gets another new Public IP address. This is useful for people who do web marketing on Ad words, craigslist, etc. which is what my company does. So I thought to myself why do I need 5 individual PC's running Windows 7 when I can setup a server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and have 5 Win7 VM's. Well I setup Hyper-V and then made my first Win7 VM and when I run TMAC to randomize the MAC address it states that it can't do it. So after reading online it seems as though Hyper-V Virtual network card uses some type of internal MAC addresses to assign to it's VM's. I want to see if there's a way around that by either a different virtual NIC or being able to pass through Win7's networking directly to the DHCP server.
    My other idea I thought of but don't think it will work is by getting a USB Network adapter and assign it directly to Win7.

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    You need to go into the vm nic settings and configure it to allow MAC spoofing.

    The second option won't work because you can't pass USB devices to a VM.

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