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Problem with networking after exporting and importing virtual machine running Ubuntu

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  • Problem with networking after exporting and importing virtual machine running Ubuntu

    Hi guys,
    I have a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V host.
    The machine is running ubuntu and was running without any issues.
    I wanted to move the VM to a second harddrive in the same server so I exported it to that second hard drive and then imported it.

    Since doing so I have lost Internet access on the VM.

    I can restore Internet connectivity simply by running a command to add a default gateway, but once I reboot, Internet connectivity is again lost.

    The gateway is configured in the network settings so it is strange how this issue has started to occur.

    I have posted on Ubuntu forums and none of their suggestions have worked so far so it doesn't appear to be an obvious problem.

    I know this forum isnt really focused on linux but I wondered if you guys had any idea what might have occured during the export/import process to cause an issue like this....???

    David Silvester
    Systems Administrator

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    Does it have the same name in Settings--> Network Adapter-->Network--> Local Area Network?
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      I have seen this with imports on a different server where HV doesn't pick up the same virtual network - WIndows loses the old adaptor on the VM. Not sure about Linux, and since it is on the same HyperV server it should not apply.
      Tom Jones
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        You need to set a static MAC address of the Linux VM or else you'll continue to have this issue. (Linux keys off the MAC address for identifying the interface, Hyper-V dynamically sets the MAC address every time it boots)

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          Hi guys,
          The network settings are the same.
          I have even tried creating a new network adaptor in hyperV and then assigning IP settings to it but it did not help.

          Jeremy I take your point about the MAC address though, I'll have a mess around with that today and see if it resolves the issue.
          David Silvester
          Systems Administrator