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VHD Backup

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  • VHD Backup


    I would like to take backup for my VM how in hyper-v ( schedule task )
    I would like to know witch files i must take to restore later with hyper-v

    Thank you

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    Re: VHD Backup

    There is an article by MS about Hyper-V backups.

    As a rule of a thumb, back up the Hyper-V server, but do not backup the VHD files. Back up the virtual machines just like ordinary computers. This way you save a lot of storage, as backing up VHD files quickly adds up. Sometimes VHD backups are necessary, you have to think carefully your environment's requirements.



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      Re: VHD Backup

      There's also this blog post from Microsoft's Virtualization Team Blog.
      Sorry the answers are not clear than that, but with the info you gave (that means: none!), it's all you can hope for...

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