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  • SUSE 11 32Bit

    I installed SUSE 11 on a Hyper V virtualized slice. I can't seem to get the mouse to work at all even after I insert the integration services setup disk. I get an error that is attached. I am also having an issue setting up the Network. The operating system is telling me it can' find the network card. Does anyone have any experience installing SUSE 11 on Hyper V?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Re: SUSE 11 32Bit

    I never installed SUSE11, but given my knowledge of other Linux distros, you should:
    - install the Integration Services, inserting the disk is not enough;
    - be sure you are using a Legacy Network Adapter, not an emulated one;
    - the error message you posted means that you need to unmount the CD from the SUSE prior trying to mount another one in Hyper-V manager...

    Let us know if any of these helped...

    Sorin Solomon

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