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2nd network adaptor

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  • 2nd network adaptor

    I have virtualized my SBS2008 server, using Hyper-V. (Server 2008, not R2). I have been having some issues with connections being dropped, particularly to a small Access database I have. Did some reading and...

    Microsoft recommends that a second network adaptor be used when virtualizing SBS 2008. Quote:

    "Install a second network adapter

    It is recommended that you install two physical network adapters on your server. Hyper-V uses one network adapter, which it binds to the Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol. You should install a second network adapter to help you remotely manage the system."

    I am unable to find anything that explains how to set this up. There's a good article elsewhere on this site, "Configuring Virtual Networks With Hyper-V"' that explains how the virtual switch is supposed to work, but it doesn't help me to figure out what I'm going to do to properly install that second NIC.

    Leave it to Microsoft to provide something like this and not explain how to use it! Can anyone explain how to best make use of this second adaptor? I am obviously confused about how the configuration of the network adaptor used by the host machine (for management purposes) and the confguration of the adaptor for the guest machine(s) is all supposed to be done.
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    Re: 2nd network adaptor

    it's similar to the way you'd setup ESX:

    Basically, you have NIC0 (the first network in the system) as the 'console' for ESX. you assign this a network address, and you manage the ESX system through this host - it includes the web interface, ssh etc

    then you create a second network interface, called a vswitch. it does not have a network IP Address. You assign all your hosts to this network interface.

    The same scenario applies for HyperV. You assign a network address to NIC0 - this is the address you use to RDP to and stuff like that.
    THen you setup the second network card as a vNetwork within HyperV.
    All your guests use this network interface, rather than NIC0.

    You can actually expand it orders of magnitude beyond this. I had an ESX server with 6 NICs, one was console, one was for the DMZ, one was for server network, one for test network, one for preprod network, etc.

    THen we could create a guest with 2 different network adaptors, one in the DMZ, one in the Server network.

    Do you see where I'm comin from ?
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      Re: 2nd network adaptor

      Yeah, I think so...

      Probably would go a long way if I just went ahead and installed the second NIC in the host and played around with it. Probably become clearer then.

      However, I stand by my statement: if Microsoft provides us with the option to do something, and even recommends strongly as a best practice that we do it, then they should explain how to do it more clearly!

      Thanks for the reply...



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        Re: 2nd network adaptor

        Did you see this article on the main site?
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          Re: 2nd network adaptor

          Yes, Ossian, I saw that article. It gives a great overview of the concept, without the tedious but unhelpful detail that MS articles tend to have. Yet it left me feeling unsatisfied in terms of how to actually set up that 2nd NIC for the SBS guest VM.

          I guess it's just like many technoliges out there: there are so many different ways of using a feature, they can't possibly describe each one step-by-step, so an overview like the one you mention is given to provide us with the background we need to figure out our own needs.

          But, with MS practically insisting that we use this virtual networking thing for a 2nd NIC when hosting SBS2008, you'd think that somewhere they'd offer a configuration example for those of us who don't have the time to experiment...

          I'll try to find the time to put a cheap 2nd NIC inthe machine, and play with the configuration of it and see what I come up with.



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            Re: 2nd network adaptor

            essentially what you do is the following:

            On the first network card, assign it an ip address, IE and any other relevant network settings. THis becomes your hyperv management interface. You probably already have this configuration.

            Install the second network card. Do not assign network addresses. Using the hyperV management console, create a new virtual switch,m using the instructions referenced above.

            dependent on your requirements, you need an "external" type network interface.
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              Re: 2nd network adaptor

              Thanks, Tehcamel,

              I will try it (maybe even this morning) and see what happens.

              Frankly, I am sometimes reluctant to try something before researching it first. While that's a good idea in principle, you can't let a lack of specifics stop you from trying something.

              I'll let the group know what I come up with, for the reference of future seekers.


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                Re: 2nd network adaptor

                thank you thank you thank you.

                until I read this thread I had never tried clearing All the configuration in the 2nd Nic. Now my lab is up and running.