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Dual-NICS, Public IP address

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  • Dual-NICS, Public IP address

    My plan:

    I have Server 2008 with the Hyper-V role enabled. I have two Broadcom NICs. Parent NIC #1 has no IP assigned. Parent NIC #2 is bound to a public IP address. This server will sit in a rack at a web hosting company. There is no LAN or router.

    When I create my virtual external network, do I bind it to NIC #2 which is physically bound to a public IP?

    This server will be a web host so the parent does not need a network. The two virtual servers I plan to create will be web accessible. Is my plan correct?

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    Re: Dual-NICS, Public IP address

    first up you'll need an IP address to be able to manage the hyper-V role etc.
    Then you also need an IP for each virtual guest..

    I would put a new virtual network on the spare nic, and assign relevant IPs to the guests, then NAT them out the public interface..
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