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External Virtual Network woes

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  • External Virtual Network woes

    Hi All,

    I am having such a tough time setting up Hyper-V virtual networks.

    I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 and have configured 2 virtual machines (one Windows 7 Prof and the other Windows XP Prof).

    The server has 2 nics in it. The external nic (named Internet with IP connects to my ADSL router ( and provides access to the net. The internal nic (named LAN01 with IP connects to a switch which in turn provides access to all other machines on the network on the range 192.168.1.x. I am using Kerio Winroute Firewall to manage traffic passing between the 2 server nics. All is running 100% and is nice and smooth.

    Now... Alongs comes Hyper-V. First I configured an external virtual network bound to LAN01. All worked but connectivity was dodgy. For example playing games on XBox live became choppy. Things would work for a bit then the game would get choppy then eventually disconnect. I would not lose my live connection. Just the connection to the game. So would re-connect and eventually the problem repeats.
    After some investigation I found a post where they recommend a dedicated nic for your virtual network. So I removed the virtual network bound to LAN01, installed a new nic in the machine (called LAN02) and created a new virtual network bound to LAN02 and re-configured the VM's to use it. I then plugged in an ethernet cable into LAN02 and into the same switch that LAN01 was plugged into.
    I fired up the VM's and they could connect to the net and all looked good.
    Then I discovered that none of my LAN machines could get on the net or even see the server via Now I was puzzled.
    I removed the ethernet cable between the switch and LAN02 and all came right again, but of course my VM's lost connectivity. Now I got stumped.

    Sooo....... How to succesfully setup a virtual network where the VM's have access to the network and the network has access to the VM's and all the while keeping network connectivity smooth as it is now.

    If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated