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Virtual Machines on Host Servers

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  • Virtual Machines on Host Servers

    I write to inquire if there are any considerations for placing Vms on the host server. I would ask if one must take into account the ultimate purpose of the installation. I am told the ration of read/write activity is a signifiant factor and so the drive specs and possibly the array might be a factor. Looking for an informed opinion on this question and other physical factors that might play into virtual machine performance... particularly the drives.

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    Re: Virtual Machines on Host Servers

    There are a lot of considerations when chhosing to place a specific virtual machine on a specific host. Among them is the I/O needs of the VM, that will indeed dictate some of your disks' configuration. But you will have to be much more clear about what do you have there (VMs and hosts) for us to be able to give a clear answer.
    This process is called "capacity planning". There are a lot of tools out there, some free, some are pretty expensive. I suggest you take a look at Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (free), it does a great job.

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