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How to use existing vhd file in Hyper-V [WAS: Banging my Head]

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  • How to use existing vhd file in Hyper-V [WAS: Banging my Head]

    After years of Vmware I have decided to try out Hyper-V. I have a server running just Hyper-V Server R2. I am banging my head trying to figure out how to use an existing vhd file that I have on a jumpdrive. First off, I cant figure out how to copy the vhd file from the jump drive to the C drive of the hyper-V server. I try to copy the vhd from the jumpdive to the c drive by using basic dos commands and it tells me that it cant find the file. So then i found a tool that uploads VMC files to the hyper-V server, but cant figure out how to convert vhd to vmc. I now know why I love VMware, Vmware converter....coverts the file and throws it up to ESX. Does microsoft have something like that? Does Virtual machine manager do things like this?

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    Re: How to use existing vhd file in Hyper-V [WAS: Banging my Head]

    No need to bang your head.

    You have 3 options:

    1. Use the VHDs as disks for NEW VMs that you'll create on the Hyper-V host. Just copy the VHDs to the Hyper-V host in a location of your choice, and create a new VM by using the Hyper-V mgmt snap-in. When you reach the point where you're asked for the VHD file location, choose existing file and point it to the location and name of the VHD file.

    I would make a copy of that file, just in case.

    Also note that there may be issues with the OS installed on that VHD. What virtualzation product was it installed on? Virtual PC? Virtual Server?

    2. You can import the VM entirely by using a V2V product. SCVMM 2008 R2 can do that for you.

    3. You can import the VM settings from VPC to the Hyper-V format by using VMC2HV tool:

    Free Utility: VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool

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