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What's the best storage device for Hyper V?

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  • What's the best storage device for Hyper V?

    Hi guys

    I'm looking at speccing a new Hyper V solution incorporating 2 physical servers which will connect to a Direct Attached Storage Device.

    We are looking at around the 3,000/$5,000 mark for the unit, preferably HP. Of course we want it to be fault tolerant with about 500GB of space

    Can anyone recommend a good model, along the lines of the above and how do they connect to 2 servers at the same time?

    Many thanks

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    Re: What's the best storage device for Hyper V?

    Are you trying to achieve High Availability?
    If so, you will need shared storage, I am not sure you can achieve that with DAS...
    I am using HP MSA2012i for this. It's an retired product, you can see the available solutions here:

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      Re: What's the best storage device for Hyper V?

      I know that with Hyper-V, using two Dell R610s and an MD3000, (with 2 SAS controllers) you can do HA.
      This is exactly what my previous employer is doing.. build the two W2008 servers exactly the same, setup multi pathing, two channels from each server - 1 to each controller on the md3000, then you can setup cluster services.
      This was definitely tested and confirmed - we pulled the power and watched servers migrate...

      I've had somewhere that the md3000 is simply a rebadged IBM DSA unit or something like that.. i'm sure there'd be an equivalent HP
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