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Hyper-v and RDS evaluation in production environment

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  • Hyper-v and RDS evaluation in production environment

    we are currnetly running VMWARE cluster.
    I need to make proof of concept and at the same time run real apps side by side with VMWARE.

    As known, the best practices recommend to run all tests in Lab environment. But I need to show real life proof...
    Personally, I don't think that installation and testing of Hyper-V and 2008 Virt Servers and needed Service Roles will have an impact on existing network. But I feel that better ask and know any possible issues...

    the network consists around 1000 desktops and Thins. 30 virtualized 2003 servers and some others.
    ESX 3.5 is in place. About 200 users using TS 2003-Citrix.

    I need to deploy following roles and services
    1. Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-v Role.
    2. 2008 RDS (RDSH, RDWeb and may be RDGS).
    3. 2008 VDI Server.
    4. App-V

    What is the risk of adding required Servers, roles and features to an existing 2003 AD?

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