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Hyperv-V hosting DC

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  • Hyperv-V hosting DC

    Hi All.

    Today, I've tried the following:

    On a core hyper-v, I was hosting a DC. I've shut down the DC, and copied the vhd to file server.

    Uninstalled the core hyper-v, and installed 2k8, with hyper-v.
    After this, I've copied the vhd, and started the DC.

    First, there were some rep errors, but now are all ok.

    My question is, can this scenario end up with USN rollback? If yes why?

    I dont clearly understand threads about USN versus virtualized DC's.

    If the DC is shut down properly, and moved to another hyper-v server, are there any other changes, than the hyperv virtualized devices?

    Does the DC's SID change?

    What is different, if I shut down the DC for 1 day, than start it (everything should be fine), and if I shut down the DC, move the vhd to another server, and start it there? ( same settings, just switch the host).



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    Re: Hyperv-V hosting DC

    I do not beleive there should be any problem in doing this..
    Please do show your appreciation to those who assist you by leaving Rep Point


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      Re: Hyperv-V hosting DC


      I've ran several diagnosis, and everything is perfect now. Seems it were just initial errors upon the start of the server.

      But I had other issue, regarding a snapshot. I wasn't clear with the thing, that snapshot is working like a journal.

      If you create a snapshot, the original vhd will not have the changes. Everything after snapshot will be stored in avhd. I was really lucky, that I had everything stored in one place, thus I was able to merge it, and run it on the other system.

      Other thing I've encountered, was, that initially the virtual machines were made on HV R2. Now, I've reinstalled to W2k8, and started HV role. When I tried to merge the files, it said, that files are corrupted. I couldn't get it work. I've installed on other box the HV R2 again, and there I was able to merge the files. Then copied back, and it was finally working.

      It was a Hyperday today

      Thx anyway.