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RAID5 or RAID10 for a HyperV server

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  • RAID5 or RAID10 for a HyperV server

    I have been searching around and found tons of opinions on this and wanted to see what people on here thought. I want to set up either 4x1TB or 6x1TB Seagate drives in a RAID5 or RAID10....whichever will give better VM performance.

    Don't need the obvious "RAID5 will give you more space" or "you should use SCSI" comments. Just looking for pure performance.

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    Re: RAID5 or RAID10 for a HyperV server

    Read or write performance ?

    What sort of data will you be putting on the array ?

    WE're building a hyperv cluster at the moment. our disk array has been carved up into 2x RAID1 groups, 2 x RAID5 groups and 1 x RAID10 group.

    But we've designed it specifically for our purposes - all system volumeas will be on raid1, specific data will be on one of the raid5, another data set (exchange) will be on the other raid5 data, and some backups will be on the raid10...

    Whati'm trying to say is - it's difficult for us to give you a straight out and out response.

    If I only had those two choices though, I would _probably_ aim for Raid5.
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      Re: RAID5 or RAID10 for a HyperV server

      In the SMB space I have long favoured RAID5 where disk I/O is not usually a performance factor though often the bottleneck. What I mean is there are not usually any clients that will suffer because the disk speeds are slower by a few milliseconds though it is obvious to me that faster disks would mean faster performance.

      However, as soon as the disks are virtualised , I think that bottleneck becomes noticeable when you have 2, 3 or more servers on a physical server. So there I have tended to use plain mirrors (RAID1) - even if the price is less disk space.

      No numbers to back up this configuration - just gut feeling.

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        Re: RAID5 or RAID10 for a HyperV server

        I did some testing on a friends server with RAID10 and a new server I formatted for RAID5.

        RAID10 server: Dell PE 2900, PERC6, 4x146gb 15k SCSI drives
        RAID5 server: Dell R710, Perc6, 4x500gb 7200 SATA drives

        Reads on the RAID10 were higher, but the writes on the RAID5 were higher. Not to mention the reads on the RAID5 were not that far behind. I thought that was pretty impressive considering they are SATA drives.

        I don't have hard numbers to post, but I am pretty happy with the results on the RAID5 on SATA....especially versus a RAID10 15k SCSI.

        I had a gut feeling the RAID10 would be faster, but no such luck.