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SCVMM problems and Network Adapter

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  • SCVMM problems and Network Adapter

    For some reason when I build a Virtual Machine, everything comes up fine. However, in the virtual machine properties of SCVMM, the network adapter will not let me choose an adapter. The only selectable field is 'not connected.' Here is a screen shot

    a break down of what is setup.

    1 Dedicated SCVMM machine
    3 Nodes in a cluster, with CSV.

    As far as the clustering, i'm able to transfer VM's between nodes. I have not tested out the failover, but I think it will work as well. One of the last things I can't figure out is the VM's network issue.
    What is also interesting is that if I go directly to the node's Hyper-V Manager, I can enable the NIC that way, and the VM will work properly. However, if I go back to SCVMM, it will give me a warning saying the VM will not longer be Highly Available.

    I also wanted to mention that that the VM is turned off when i make these changes.

    i'm kind of running out of ideas...