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HyperV Guest Performance

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  • HyperV Guest Performance


    I want to create one guest os, with 2 partition.
    should I create 2 vhd's ? one for the os and on for the data to improve performance? or just one big vhd and partition in 2.

    what do you think?
    I can find any info on this anywhere.
    I'm scare that if my vhd are big and i have bad block where the vhd's reside, it will corrupt them more quickly.


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    Re: HyperV Guest Performance

    I have created VMs with 2 VHD files on 1 physical RAID array and it doesnt seem to have make any real difference with the speed, guess cos the 2 VHD files are residing on the same physical hardware then you are limited by that drive.

    I dont think that it would matter that much, I would be more interested in ensuring that the VHDs are put on a reliable RAID drive above all else.


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      Re: HyperV Guest Performance

      Thanks for your feedback,

      I whish Microsoft would give more info about that.
      When we create real servers, we have to choose the raid system accordingly about what would reside on it, example exchange logs and exchange databases.
      I would like to know how about virtual servers and their vhd's.
      How far do we need to split the guest OS vhd's to optimize performance.
      Like you said the underlying raid system of the host OS is crucial, but most virtual guest their vhd's from a SAN or ISCSI NAS.