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New to VMs and have a simple question

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  • New to VMs and have a simple question

    Say i have a HP dl585 with my host running full blown windows with hyperv installed.

    THe machine has 3 single port network cards.

    I want to use one of those network cards for management as per microsofts recommendation.

    That leaves me with 2 network cards.

    i want to run 4 vms on this machine.

    I attach vm1 and vm2 to nic1
    i attach vm3 and vm4 to nic2

    how does this work with the virtual switch considering that all vms will be on the same network?

    I would think you woudl want dedicated NIC cards for each VM you have installed on your host but in this case we dont have the resources for that.

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    Re: New to VMs and have a simple question

    Dedicated NIC's are hardly ever utilized to their full potential. Unless there are extremely high worloads on the NIC you will not a problem running multiple VM's on the same vSwitch.

    Create two virtual switches and link each of them to a seperate NIC. There is no reason that they cannot be on te same network.

    Set VM1 & VM2 to use vswitch1
    Set VM3 & VM4 to use vswitch2
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