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Is this configuration possible?

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  • Is this configuration possible?


    I have a laptop with Server 2008 R2 installed and working fine. I am using 2K8R2 on a laptop to take advantage of Hyper-V to create and use 64 bit virtual machines.

    I need to have three virtual machines working at the same time in the following configuration:

    1. A domain controller with AD and Exchange installed on it.
    2. A SQL and MOSS server.
    3. An application server.

    I do not have a wired connection to my laptop; only a wireless one. I have created an internet connection on my laptop which shares my wireless connection.

    I have created all three virtual machines and I can connect each of them to the internet (via an Internal virtual network created in Hyper-V that uses the shared internet connection mentioned above).

    What I would like to do is give each of the three virtual machines another adapter with a fixed IP address. At the moment I am using dynamic IP addresses and although I can connect join servers 2 and 3 to the domain hosted on server 1 I don't want to have to rely on dynamic IP addresses (the USe this DNS server on servers 2 and 3 is currently set to the IP address of server 1 but that will change when I take my laptop to another network).

    I am investigating the use of private adapters but I'm not sure I understand them correctly. If I set them up can I then set the DNS server on server 1 to only use the private adapter? At the moment the DNS server has the dynamically assigned IP address in the forward lookup zones and the attempt I've had to add a private adapter allows me to put in the IP address of the private adapter but when I delete the dynamically assigned IP address from the foward lookup zone the server keeps adding it back in.

    I hope the above makes sense.

    If anybody could help I would really appreciate it.