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Hyper-V Network Issue

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  • Hyper-V Network Issue

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time implementing a Hyper V environment. I am running AD Domain Services and DHCP on the host (parent) machine, i set up the Hyper-V role. I can get into the child partition but when i do the network binding im failing miserably.

    So our host has 2 NIC's.

    Nic1 is the Internet coming and is configured with static ips.
    Nic2 i used the virtual switch only checked off so that the child parition can connect.

    Child parition has one area connection that i conifgured with static ips again. but the child can not see anything or ping the parent, nor join the domain.


    Nic2 (on childs side)

    Child is get a 169 ip address, anyone got any suggesitons why it is not working?

    By the way all firewall settings are of.

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    Re: Hyper-V Network Issue


    I'm getting much the same ( ... I think it's a 2008 issue rather than Hyper V.

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      Re: Hyper-V Network Issue

      When you install Hyper-V you should end up with a third NIC, which is virtual.

      I have two NICs, though I only use one. Installing Hyper-V gave me a third.

      I then have several VMs, all are DHCP and all have internet access. 1

      If you look at the attachment:

      Hyper-V (Bottom) is the one with the "Virtual Switch Network Protocol" ticked. It has no IP address.

      Hyper-V Virtual has everything EXCEPT "Virtual Switch Network Protocol" ticked. It has

      Main (Top) has everything EXCEPT "Virtual Switch Network Protocol" ticked. It has

      Only "Main (Top)" has a physical network cable attached; my other NIC (on the bottom) is uplugged.

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        Re: Hyper-V Network Issue

        What version of 2008 are you using?
        You're talking about "Hyper-V role"' but then you mention "child partition", concept that is used with Hyper-V Server.
        Anyway, you should disable TCP/IP on NIC2 and leave only "Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol" binded to this NIC. You might need to disable additional components, like Client for Microsoft Networks, that depends on TCP/IP.
        Try it and let us know the outcome.

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          Re: Hyper-V Network Issue

          I have two comments on your setup. I thought you should not run any other roles on the Hyper-V parent partition or at least its not recommended. In regards of networking on Hyper-V you might want to check the post at

          MS Hyper-V Virtual Networks Configuration & Hyper-V Server settings.

          I hope that help,
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