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Unable To RDP To Virtual XP

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  • Unable To RDP To Virtual XP


    So I built my first virtual XP pro client, I connected it to the the network via a virtual switch, checked its IP (DHCP), enabled remote access, ensured the admin had a password and RDP'd to it.

    No joy ... it keeps insisting that the system has the console open (or unlocked ... I'll post up the precise wording later). First time yes, I had a console open on Hyper-V, second time I had got rid of the console but still had preview, third time I simply turned it on (not sure if there was a preview).

    I suspect this is as much an XP issue as anything but that Hyper-V is somehow involved in having the console open ... any ideas?

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    Re: Unable To RDP To Virtual XP

    The error was something like "You cannot connect to this machine because you already have a console open to it"? I recently started to get that on physical PCs once in a while. The temporary fix I found was that I had to restart the laptop that I was trying to RDP from. It would happen if I had RDP'd to the machine and then disconnected. The next time I would try to connect I would get the error instead of being reconnected to the logged on session. Next time it happens I'll see if there are any services that I can restart to rectify the situation, but in your case, does a simple reboot of the connecting PC help? Can you RDP to it from another client or even OS (like KRDC on a linux box)?
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