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Multihomed network connection prob on virtual server

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  • Multihomed network connection prob on virtual server


    I'm setting up a test environment on Hyper-v with a server core (win2008 r2) and 4 virtual servers (win2008 and 2008r2) one server (the DC) will access the internet(physical Nic) the others are connected via a private virtual network but need to also access the internet thru the DC.

    I've set up the DC's external network as and have set the internal network as DHCP'd 172.16.1.x with the DC's address being fixed at and no gateway.
    The dhcp settings are to 120/
    I can see the other client servers and the internet from the DC.

    On the other servers i can see the DC but cannot see the internet.
    I cannot even ping the other network card.

    Any Idea's

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    Re: Multihomed network connection prob on virtual server

    This isn't a network connection problem per say.

    Have you configured some sort of option that will allow packet forwarding ?

    It's not enough to simply tell the DHCP clients that is the gateway.. because the DC will hear the traffic on it's internal interface, and say "hmm.. that's traffic says it's destined for - that's not me" and ignores it.

    You could use either RRAS with NAT, or ICS, in this situation. RRAS+NAT is probably the best option.
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