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Hyper-v network Manager setup

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  • Hyper-v network Manager setup


    I have multiple NIC's (4) in my server. I would like to dedicate one NIC to host management. I want to use other 3 NIC's for Virtual Network. Do I need to assign IP to the 3 NIC and use them for Virtual network?

    Can Anybody suggets me the best way to use the NIC's for good performance ?


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    Re: Hyper-v network Manager setup

    A littler bit more info would be nice (like what OS are you using? what virtualization product?)
    Anyway, to be sure you are using a specific NIC for virtualization, you should NOT define an IP for it... Actually, you should delete any bindings to that NIC besides the virtualization component. Meaning, disable TCP/IP (including IPv6, if present), Client for Microsoft Networks, LLTD and anything else.

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      Re: Hyper-v network Manager setup

      OS:erver core 2008 running with Hyper-V role

      Toal 4 NIC's

      NIC-1 for Parent OS management Assigned with IP

      NIC-4 ......... For Virtual Network

      Should I Unbind all service including TCP/IP and use these NIC's while Creating Virtual Networks ?


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        Re: Hyper-v network Manager setup

        AFAIK, you do need to allocate them IP's to allow the VM to communicate on the network. When you asign a VM to a NIC, a virtual soft switch is created that allows the NIC to be used by a number of VMs that can each have a different IP address assigned.

        Edit: Further to this, for the 3 VM NICs on the Parent physical partition, you could unbind (remove ticks) from all protocols and services on the NIC properties and just leave 'Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol' box ticked. However, make sure you don't touch the virtual network adapter that Hyper-V creates in the Parent physical partition.
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