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Hyper-V Requirements to Support 50 Virtual PC's

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  • Hyper-V Requirements to Support 50 Virtual PC's

    I've got a bunch of posts on this around the forums because my requirements seem to cross numerous technology boundries, and it's hard to get a cohesive answer in one place, so apologies if it seems I've asked this before elsewhere.

    Basically, in the case where we cannot use our main office, nor can we use the backup office, but Internet access is available, all users with Internet should be able to work from home.

    However, we have to ensure that they cannot save information locally, and using Terminal Services with RemoteApp or Remote Desktop seems the way to go, for the presentation virtualization.

    But, while Terminal Services allow any number of users to start RemoteApps from the farm of Terminal Servers, only one person can use Remote Desktop to a terminal server at one time.

    So, my idea was to run multiple VM's on a Hyper-V host cluster and allow each user to connect to their specific VPC via TS Web Access or RDC. But, deploying and managing 50 VPC's is a huge task.

    Granted, it's made easier by the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, but if you read the blurb, it talks about deploying VPC's that are run locally on the users desktop.

    Since, in this case, users desktops would be their home PC's, we certainly can't guarantee that they have a proper installation of Virtual PC.

    So my question for this forum, is what is needed to run 50 Hyper-V guest OS's, where each virtual XP machine has the performance equivilent to a basic business PC? What about a machine that is a little more involved, such as a Visual Studio 2008 development environment?

    As usual, any comments or suggestions are welome. Thank you.

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    Re: Hyper-V Requirements to Support 50 Virtual PC's

    I think there is a mistake on the basis of your theory. I am refereing to this sentence:
    only one person can use Remote Desktop to a terminal server at one time
    This si true for computers running XP and Vista. Servers running Windows Server 200x allow you one connection to the console and two additional administrative Remote Desktop connections. And this is on servers without the Terminal Services role applied.
    On servers that do function as Terminal Servers, you can have as many users connecting as the number of TS-CALs available.
    As I see it, your set-up is clasic for Terminal Services use.

    Sorin Solomon

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