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RDP -> VM Connectivity Problem

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  • RDP -> VM Connectivity Problem

    Hi Guys,

    I have a win 2008 R2 server as my host with Hyper-V installed. I am trying to connect to my VM via RDP on my Vista machine. When I attempt to connect, the VM starts up fine so I know my login is assigned the correct VM, however the VM never actually logs in and the RDP screen sits there waiting to connect and eventually times out.

    I know this is something simple (I hope), can anyone give me a hint as to where to look to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: RDP -> VM Connectivity Problem

    It will be worth double checking your firewall settings onthe VM, on the host and your Vista machine. Also, double check your network discovery settings and network connection profile. e.g. is it set to Public and need to be on Private?


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      Re: RDP -> VM Connectivity Problem

      you should also make sure that the switch that your Hyper-V server is connected to has Port Security turned off.

      If port security is turned on, on the switch it was start to block any connection attempts to the server/vms/etc.. due to multiple mac addresses the switch acts as if it is a threat and handles it as one.