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Weird Network Connectivity Issues

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  • Weird Network Connectivity Issues

    Im having some weird issues with a VM running on Hyper-V. I have a guest OS running Server 2003 Standard Edition, it has our network monitoring software (Whats Up Gold) installed on it. All has been working fine with it up until last week. Our license for WUG limits us to a 4GB database, that maxed out and the server went kind of crazy for awhile. The C drive is only 15GB so when the databased maxed out so did the C drive. Anyways, I got everything back down to size but now the VM has no connectivity. With a static address I have no network connectivty and if I try to set the server to get a DHCP address it gets a 169.254.x.x address. Ive tried reinstalling the integration tools but that hasnt fixed the issue.

    I also have two guest OS's that are running 2008 that have a weird connectivity issue that Im hoping someone can give me some insight on. If I set them with a static address they can only communicate with machines on their own subnet, if I set them to DHCP they can communicate with any machine on the network regardless of what subnet they are on.

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    Re: Weird Network Connectivity Issues

    Check if your VM's network adapters are correctly linked to yours external virtual network.